Executive Health Coach + Yoga Teacher


You're successful, but it's costing you your health.

Let's change that.


                                           My mission is simple. Helping career minded people achieve positive, lasting

                                           change in behavior, while accomplishing their goals and avoiding burnout. I help

                                           them identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs, stress and overwhelm for greater

                                           success in living a better life.


Health Coaching and Yoga are ways of taking time out for you. To practice self-care, reduce stress, increase the quality of your sleep, reduce excess weight and live a better life.

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Don’t feel you’re “flexible” enough to do yoga? Or that you’re not the typical “yoga person”? Perfect! Yoga is for everybody including you!


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See you on the mat!

“Yoga’s supreme objective is to awaken an exalted state of spiritual realization, yet the tradition also teaches you how to live and how to shape your life with a commanding sense of purpose, capacity and meaning. In the end, yoga has less to do with what you can do with your body and more to do with the happiness that unfolds from realizing your full potential.”

Yogarupa Rod Stryker