My mission is simple.

To uplift others to their potential and higher self by helping them discover and overcome self-imposed limitations.

Here's what some of my coaching clients have to say about working with me:

"I recently engaged Summer Morris for a 12 week session to refocus my thoughts, energies and tactics around goal setting, weight loss and career objectives.  She was helpful in many aspects of what I was working towards by providing an outline aka guard rails to action steps, fresh views and ideas, which were incorporated into work, play and social frameworks.  Through her coaching, a fresh perspective was arrived allowing me to set a more disciplined course as I prepare for a 100 KM Trek in the volcanic mountainous region of Equator while continuing to refine other professional and life action steps.

~ Michael R.,  Managing Director, Global Industry Coverage Finance Professional


"I feel awesome! Summer and her 90-day transformational program works! I haven’t

worked with a coach before and didn’t know what to expect. But adjusting to my life

during and after breast cancer treatment has been very painful. Before cancer, I felt

sexy, desired, happier. I felt like me. Then cancer got me, and I felt like I was in crisis

mode all the time. I lost my sense of identity, my body and my health.

Now I feel so much better. I feel more confident. I’ve returned to work and exceeded the biggest sales goals I have had in my career and this happened with Summer’s coaching. I’m so happy I lost some weight without even feeling hungry thanks to her guidance. And I didn’t gain any weight during the holidays, like I used to.

Summer helped me find more time for myself. I’m exercising more. I feel calmer, even with all the rollercoaster of emotions from people around me. I don’t feel I am angry at work anymore either. My anger is gone! Even when a coworker blows up I can keep my calm more often. I feel amazing!

In all my life I’ve felt like I haven’t been listened to. And now that I’m more confident I do. People cut me off less when I’m talking, and it feels great!

Summer taught me how to control myself with her breathing exercises. She taught me how to be calmer, have more movement in my life and how to eat feeling calm so I don’t feel like I have a heavy stone in my stomach from stress. I even stopped complaining as much as I used to, which helps my relationships. I now take people as they are and don’t try to fix them anymore."

~ Elena Korchagina, Retail Sales Professional

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"Summer provides professionalism based on her own personal experiences and empathized with mine and met me where I am on how to help. She showed compassion and strength as well as a solution plan for all issues...Summer left me  feeling as her equal and has a fun sense of humor...Summer does not discriminate and she loves what she does and that is priceless for someone like me who felt discriminated against... misunderstood and judged my whole life... she sees unlimited potential in all of us and has personally helped me see this potential in all of us and not give up..."

~ Name Withheld


"Summer helped me with my relationship anxiety. Summer is easy to talk to and compassionate. I was surprised of her knowledge and understanding."

~ Justin Tower


"Thank you for your help... your class and instruction was powerful and educational... you touched on so many issues such as childhood trauma and how stress causes the children to not be able to concentrate and learn yet you touched on a solution."

~ Chad

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